The Infiniti Essence - Still A Possibility For Production?


The Infiniti Essence - Still A Possibility For Production?
Motor Trend recently attended the private showing for the new 2011 M and 2010 G at the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. Due to the phenomenal reaction to the Essence Concept, Shiro Nakamura and Ben Poore have hinted that a production version of the car is not completely off the table:

"...Another Infiniti exec, Shiro Nakamura, casually mentioned that the show-stopping Essence concept is "only a showpiece...for now." Poore tells Motor Trend that reaction to the concept has been phenomenal and that the company is studying the possibility of a production model, but no decision has been made yet."

This could potentially be extremely good news for the brand. Our take: Carlos Ghosn has previously mentioned that he wanted to make more use out of the GT-R's Premium Midship platform. This would be the perfect opportunity. Our thought would be to use the GT-R's platform and internals, nix the AWD system, and add the Essence's elegant looks. All of the most important components have already been developed and it could potentially be a true halo car for the brand.


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